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WHAT is webspaces?

Webspaces is the seamless combination of a curated themes & plugins to create the ultimate website experience 

Professional Themes

An extensive list of themes for every need from a simple blogs, specialty sites to e-commerce, we’ve got you covered!

Feature Rich

Loaded with a massive library of plugins that enables you to share, market and sell your products or brand. Our default features include SEO, Analytics and domain mapping tool.

Maximum Performance

Global dispersed infrastructure and baked in tools to squeeze out the best WordPress for the performance possible

Safe & Secure

Builtin security that protects against hackers, free SSL certificate for your domain, multi-factor authentication and backups to your preferred location.

More than just a website

Your website is your foundation, your image and your base of operation.


A simple website is often just one facet of what makes your business work. With webspaces you have access to leading and trusted features to expand your site as well as business features like business email, secure storage and unified communication solutions. We are here to help you through it all with full-platform support.


Staqables are the buffet of curated and trusted plugins available to all webspaces. Plugins range from simple newsletters or signup forms to advanced fluid (webspaces multisite) cross-domain social platforms. Transform your website into a scalable web beast with trusted and supported features.

Communication is key

Enterprise Email for Teams


Postbox is fully featured enterprise grade email system that enables your and your team to share calendars, address books and emails. Access you email trough rich web interface and supports multiple native clients through the use of standard protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV and GroupDAV, as well as Microsoft ActiveSync. Postbox is great alternative for small to medium teams.

Need more? We provide private instances of Postbox in Basic and Pro editions.

Private Cloud Storage

Sync & Share


Cloudbox is the most straightforward way to file sync and share data. You don’t need to worry about where or how to access your files. With Cloudbox all your data is where ever you are; accessible on all devices, any time. With Cloudbox you can rest assured that your data is under your control. Cloudbox is all about your privacy and works to protect your files. It ensures that access is controlled only by the one who should have control: You. Perfect for small to medium teams.

Easily extend the functionalities of your file sync and sharing by installing fully featured apps. Within our marketplace you‘ll find a variety of easy-to-install apps that customizes your cloud specific to your needs.

Need more? Cloudbox is available on a private instance enabled with Enterprise features. 

how much?

Plans & Pricing

Complete platform

Website + Email + Storage equals the perfect complement of cloud.

Easy website setup

Groupware & Active-Sync enabled email

Secure and extendable cloud storage

Fully integrated authentication

what is staq?

Staq is a platform for your business. It is a secure cloud environment that scales as you grow.

Staq’s contingent of cloud ready solutions is there to equip your or your organization with the best web presence possible  

Want your own?

Let Staq assist you with private instances of our solutions or finding the scoping right solution for you on any cloud!